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    Posted by Team G1C December 03, 2013

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  • Congratulations to Group 1 Crew on their GMA Dove Awards nomination for Rap/Hip-Hop Song of the Year for “Dangerous."

    The 44th Annual GMA Dove Awards will be held on October 15 at Allen Arena on the campus of Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, at 7:30pm CT. The show will be broadcast on the UP! Television Network on October 21 at 8pm ET.

    CLICK HERE for a complete list of nominees.

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    Posted by Team G1C July 26, 2013

    Congrats to Blanca & Ben who welcomed a healthy baby boy, London Rey Callahan on Thursday, July 25 12:55 AM. Mom and baby are doing great!


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    Posted by Blanca July 19, 2013

    As many of you may already know, I am pregnant with my first child. As of today, I am officially nine months! One of the most amazing things that I have experienced so far, was doing a 3D/4D Ultrasound, where we were able to see "Baby Callahan" in full effect. Ben & I can spend hours talking about who he will look like. Will he have my afro? Maybe Ben's blue eyes? We won't know until he is here, but this is the closest glimpse we have gotten. What do you guys think... Does he look like mommy or daddy?!

    Enjoy the pics -

    XOXO Blanca

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    Posted by Manwell July 16, 2013

    I'd be lying if I told you that the future doesn't scare me one bit. If I told you that I don't even flinch at the future cause I have so much faith, you could punch me in my face and say LIAR! LOL… I laugh at myself because I'm taking inventory of my life as I'm writing this blog and the crazy favor that the Lord has had on my life that has brought me to this very place and time, to this keyboard writing these very words. To think that I should've been dead with the life that I used to lead, but I'm not. I'm alive and well and beyond blessed! The history of my life should assure the future thoughts in my mind that life will truly be filled with favor and blessing. I'm sure there will be struggle and some tough blows, but nothing that should make me believe that it will over take me. I want you to take an inventory of your life and really think on it. If you're here reading this, and are able to process these words then friend you are blessed and highly favored. There are hundreds of thousands of people that didn't wake up to a new chance today. You did! Forget what you don't have and what you can't see. Think about what you do have and what has been done to keep you alive and well and with hope that things will change and get better. That life really is a wonderful thing! I never want to let my joy be found in what I can see. Forget my house, car, bank account, everything! Forget it all! Jesus let my joy rest in you daddy! Let it rest in the fact that your word have taken me this far not money or fame or any silly thing that people may put their stock into. I trust you and know that you will deliver me into your hands on that faithful day and that you'll deliver every person reading this that trusts in you. I love you all and pray that the unseen wouldn't scare you like it does me sometimes lol… but that we'd look at the future together holding hands staring into the sun with a smile on our face and the warmth of Jesus resting on our skin and we'd say, come what may we will praise you. Selah


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    Posted by Manwell July 10, 2013

    Whats up y'all! Its your boy Manny. I'm here to answer questions cause I love you to pieces so here we go!

    Emily Angel- staying committed despite haters simply comes down to expectation. If you expect to go through this life without haters then you're living in a dream world lol. Jesus said that the world even hated Him!!! But they also followed him so they'll follow you. Thats His promise to us. Let the haters hate cause they'll never be a world without them. As long as there's jealousy there will always be haters, but your job is to love through them.

    Rachell Xybestiieyx- As far as listening to different kinds of music and whether or not you listen to it or stop thats going to be on you. Nobody is making you listen to it just like nobody can make you stop. At the root of it, there needs to be a convo between you and God and I guarantee if you're honest with yourself and with Him on why you listen to the things you do, you'll get an answer. More than likely you already know the answer, its just too hard to walk it out. But know this, God is with you every step of the way, its called maturing. He loves you

    Darlene Desoto- I grew up a little thug and I used to carry guns, rob people, fought with my parents literally and physically…I was basically the worst kid ever. When I found the Lord it was like light entering a dark room that I previously was just stumbling around in. All at once I saw what I was doing and how I needed to fix a lot of the things in my life that I broke stumbling around in the dark. Thats what my life is like now. I right songs that hopefully turn on the light in your life so you can see what you're really doing =)

    Shanna Gunnink- already in the studio working on new music and I'm telling you this new year is gonna be awesome! Trust that the music thats being made is Gods heart spoken through his people. I'm learning more and more that I'm not as important as I thought I was in the process of making great music. I just need to keep the lines open so when the Lord calls and gives me a song, I hear him and translate it over a dope beat lol

    Kaylee Howell- my life verse is Phil 1:6 and its been my life verse because it reminds me that the completion of my salvation isn't up to me. God WILL bring me to the end of my life sanctified and in love with Him more then than ever before.

    Tofunmi Kuti- how can teens have fun and still be committed to God? Well first off you have to define "fun". What do you think is fun? Once you answer that, then you can figure out if what you consider "fun" is actually fun or just compromise. I used to think it was fun to steal from people and make money off of it. Then I read the word and learned that stealing is a sin and its no longer fun for me to do so lol. Whats fun to you and does it contradict what the word says.

    Emmanuel Nieves- I would love to colab with Lecrae. He's an amazing man.

    Aderricka Cobb- wow what a great question! What would I rather do, love more or give more? The answer to that is easy and yet complicated. One can't happen without the other. The only reason I'd give more is cause there's more love inside my heart. Those two things go hand and hand =)

    Karena Steir- The times when I don't feel like working, I try to picture every person thats coming to the show and I try to allow the Lord to show me what he wants for their life for that night. I really believe that just by smiling and enjoying God in a public setting allows people who were feeling down to be lifted up! So I think of you guys! The people. We do everything for you guys! Its you that we are called to serve.

    Jonathan Karst- how can we trust God fully and have true faith? I know this may be hard to understand but trusting God and having faith in Him is simply done by deciding to do it. Thats it!! There's no magic behind it. You either believe that He is who He says He is or you don't. You either trust Him or you don't. Thats it! Our faith is unique in that it asks you to believe in an unseen God that is calling you to live a life thats opposite of everything this world tells you to do. You can't touch Him or feel him but its your faith that says all of that doesn't matter cause you know he's real. Its in that knowing that God starts to show himself to you. Its amazing!

    Angela Gutierrez- started serving the Lord my senior year of high school

    Henry Falk- Am I able to be 100% transparent with my fans or do I feel like I have to wear a mask? Well if you follow me at all on twitter or read any of my blogs you'll see that I'm pretty open and honest about a lot of things. I don't like masks. There are obvious things that you don't share with your fans cause they're not your accountability. And to be honest, there are so many people out there that don't truly have your best interest in their heart so you opening up to them will only invite criticism and the worst kind of judgement. You've heard the word say not to cast your pearls before swine, well that simply means that we don't entrust people with something that we know they're not ready to handle.

    Robert Eetheart- success vs failure, what have I learned from both? That one makes the other so much sweeter. Without failure I wouldn't know what it truly feels like to be successful. Theres a moment when it all clicks and you sit and look at what the Lord has done through you and all the failures come rushing to your mind and you realize that they were all just building blocks that created steps to your next level. God is awesome!

    Kashema Ginn- if someone is for you and you give that person to the Lord, you don't lose them. I used to think the same thing and I would put myself in the worst situations because I thought that if I left that I would miss out on something. But then the Lord showed me that everything you do has a motive behind it. Meaning if you're leaving cause you want to make him jealous or get back at him then you're leaving with malicious motives, which means when the situation ends up bad you can't be upset cause you sowed malice then you reaped it. But if you feel the Lord pulling you away to figure the situation out and you leave because you GENUINELY want to know the Lords will for your life, then you're ending up in the exact place that you need to be to find answers…In His presence.

    Kiana Montemayor- how has God shaped my decisions regarding what steps to take? this is such a good question cause God has been dealing with me about this issue for a good amount of time now and here's what I've realized…the outcome of a situation is never truly in my hands when I give it to Him. Meaning, my job is to do the right thing in the process and let the Lord be the Lord of the outcome. There are a lot of things that are out of your hands that you couldn't change if you tried. We as people think that we need to fix it or fix people, but thats never been our job! Our job is to love and trust through tough steps and new steps and be confident that the outcome of our steps and situations will be exactly what we need because God has been in control of it from the beginning. I love you all! Thanks so much for writing in. Remember that God is real despite your changing circumstances. Everyone has life happen to them on a daily basis and none of it surprises God! When foundations shift, they do so to make way for a strong foundation so that the Lord can build the house He wants to build in your life.

    You're awesome!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

    Manny out!

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