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    Posted by Blanca March 13, 2013

    So, the other day I tweeted about having a weird craving for taco bell since I've been pregnant. i got an incredible amount of feed back and thought it was hilarious reading about all your crazy cravings!! (even the ones from u guys who are obviously not prego! That being said, i thought it would be fun to share with all of you some of my top pregnancy cravings that I've had so far!! Just looking at these pictures are making me hungry! haha

    1. Red Lobster cheddar biscuits-I realized how much i was really craving these when, while pulling a pic off the internet, i immediately started drooling!! lol I wish I could just walk into red lobster and say, "can I just have biscuits please?!!"

    2. Grilled cheese-This is one of those cravings that just work at any point of the day. I can have it for breakfast with a tall glass of OJ or in the middle of the night when its 12am and I'm starving!!!! ha!

    3. TV dinner (chicken fingers w/brownie)-This was one of the weirdest cravings i had in my 1st trimester. It was fast, easy to make and tasted delicious at the time. My husband, Ben, literally went out to the store and stocked our freezer full of them!! NOW, just the thought of them makes me want to hurl!! i don't know what i was thinking! so if anyone is in the mood for some chicken fingers and fries TV dinner, just come over to my place. i have about 15 still in my freezer!

    4. Apple sauce-I've always liked applesauce, but recently it seems to have become a necessity. Whenever i feel uneasy or upset in my tummy, applesauce seems to hit the spot and make me feel better. Especially when it's nice and cold! 

    5.Taco Bell (nacho bell grande)- So anyone that knows me, knows that if we were ever going out for fast food, the LAST place I would choose would be Taco Bell. Well, correction, the last place i would choose is captain D's or long johns silver (eww) but the 2nd to last place would be Taco bell. Now, I'm eating it twice a week!! I'm sure after I give birth i will be regretting this decision but as of now, it taste sooooo good!

    6. Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge ice cream-I'm not big on desserts or sweets but just a little scoop or 2 or 3 of this is perfect!

    7. Cheddar cheese cubes-I've always loved cheese, but recently I've been obsessed with it! If i didn't watch myself, i could sit on the couch watching Law and Order, and eat a whole bag!! They taste even better on a Ritz cracker or with a side of apple slices!

    8. Rice and beans-This is an obvious one! It's not just any rice and beans though, but specifically my mom's home cooked rice and beans! The best!!

    Hope you enjoyed this!

    Xoxo Blanca

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    Posted by Manwell March 07, 2013

    Sometimes I'll have people ask me what's next after music? It's a funny question because I seriously haven't looked past music to even think about it! But when I actually sat and asked myself that question a slight fear come over me...what WOULD I do? Would I get a real job? Do the 9 to 5? Become a bum on the street selling my mix tapes for $5 lol! That slight fear reminded me of a very fundamental part of our faith... trust in God. It's as simple as that! Do I trust him? That's a one word answer! There's no explanation needed or excuses given. It's yes or no! For most of us, we like to project our feelings and insecurities on Jesus and make him the cosmic keeper of our ever changing emotions. If something doesn't go the way we like the first thing we do is question God like "Why didn't I get this? Or why didn't that happen?" We rarely think, "Yes!!! I dodged something terrible that wasn't for me".

    Life WILL happen to all of us no matter race, age or's what we do with life when it happens that defines our character and future. I for one am praying for the grace and strength to be able to look life in the face and say, "you don't scare me!" There's nothing that will happen to me that The Lord hasn't already written. I'm not living an untold story in the realms of heaven. I'm living a timeline that's laid out for all to see except me, and the best part about it is that I already know the ending...and so do you.



    Mind of Manny

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  • We are celebrating "Merch Madness Month" in the Group 1 Crew official store with four weeks of special deals. Be sure to check back each week this month for a new chance to save!

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    Posted by Team G1C February 26, 2013

    Group 1 Crew's single "His Kind Of Love" was chosen as #18 in New Release Tuesday's Top 20 Songs of 2013!


    CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the list!

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  • Congrats to Group 1 Crew and Chris August for winning Best Collaboration in the We Love Christian Music Awards for "He Said." Thanks to each of you for voting! Watch the video below for the award presentation:

    CLICK HERE for more information about the We Love Christian Music Awards.

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  • The OFFICIAL "His Kind Of Love" Live Music Video is officially here. This video was recorded on the Winter Jam 2012 Fall Tour. Check it out and share it on Facebook and Twitter. 

    Watch it HERE!

    Download the video on iTunes HERE!

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